Online accounting degrees

Why get an accounting degree?

An accounting degree you open up a world of opportunity in the job market down able you to do many different things.

Let’s talk about some example: paths for myself from a practitioner perspectives has been all over the board I start all working for one the big accounting firms. I started out as a financial auditor within a month have been at the firm. I was identified to be part of the tiger teen were I spent half my year working as a financial auditor and other half my year working as an information technology.

You may ask real quick what is those people do well the financial auditor we looked at financial audit statements and we got to look at balance sheets income statements or really dive into the numbers at the company from the IT audit standpoint?

I got to dive in to look at the controls around the technology systems that really process the financial information had the opportunity to travel the globe working on operational audits and information technology on its how many view would like to travel around the world.

Today I still deliver IT audit services to large companies but that’s just one side with me that’s my practitioner life I’m also an academic where I’ve brought my practice starts periods from the boardroom to the classroom so you ask why should I be an accounting major it’s because you had the opportunity to work in a lot of different areas you can go work in public accounting like I started?

There are many different sub disappoints a lot of students when they think account all they think I’m just going
to work with numbers well accounting more than numbers, yes you can specialize in financial accounting managerial accounting but don’t forget CPA’s and accountants we also do taxes but that’s not all we do most people do think that.

OS EPA you must do taxes we must be busy during April well that’s not always true there’s also some others we work on the audit inside a lot different types of auditing.

I specialized information technology auditing where I get to look at my clients information systems, on determine if the financial information processed within those systems can be relied upon home at last time that a company actually used a paper ledger to do their financials it doesn’t happen anymore.

If it does it’s rare most couples use large online accounting systems in order processor information it’s a great sub disappoint also forensics how many do you like fraud no don’t know commit fraud that’s not what I’m saying.

As an accountant, as an auditor as a CPA we have the opportunity to go or look at financial forensics into a lot of fraud examination you forgive a lot different product they refer to.

All those great frauds that happened well they were so great were they however as an auditor we get to go when
they’re and try to investigate those frauds all really see how did they happen so we learn from our mistakes but don’t forget you don’t have to go work for public.

Majors accounting such a hot disappoint that you get to go really write your own ticket it work anywhere in the world that you want whether you wanna stay in the US or go work around the globe now if you’re able to understand the
numbers it will make you more successful in open many doors in your lifetime.

After you get your online accounting degree don’t forget go sit for the certified public accounting CPA exam.

Now every state has different CPA exam rules so wintry look at your own accounting board figure out.

What you will to do but even if you don’t think you wanna practice public or go into be an accountant or something like that fill your CPA I’ve had law students say it didn’t count all agree but they don’t get their CPA you should it will set you up for a lifetime love.