How to save on fuel consumption

It is necessary to take measures against the increase in petrol prices to try to maximize the vehicle tank.
If action is taken it can save up to 20% per year. Some recommendations to achieve this are:
1. conduct periodic reviews of the general condition of the vehicle.
2. keep the vehicle perfectly synchronized.
3. to start, it is not necessary to warm up the engine of the car.
When it is not in motion, only wastes fuel and causes premature engine wear.
4 accelerate gradually, gently pressing the pedal.
Tread depth it produces up to four times more consumption than if it is done in moderation.
5. Select cruising speed best suited to the route and traffic conditions, and keep it constant, most vehicles offer optimum performance between 60 and 80 Km / hour.
6. If the car is manual transmission should change faster than when the motor system allows it.
Low speeds are designed to achieve a high thrust and rapid acceleration.
In fourth or fifth saves petrol.
7. take service stations before buying, prices may vary even among gas stations that sell the same brand.
8. buy gasoline in the morning, when temperatures are low, this makes gasoline more dense.
Gasoline pumps measure and change depending on the volume, not according to the density.
In the morning the volume purchased will be denser. It will be acquiring more solid gas fumes for the same money.
If the tank is full at noon, in the afternoon or in the evening, the liter of fuel will not be a litre exactly.
9. when the tank is full, no tighten the handle from the supplier to the maximum. According to the pressure that is exerted on the handle, spout speed may be slow, medium, or high.
We must always choose the slower mode, and you‘ll save more money. Refill more slowly, creates less steam, and most of the spill becomes a fully effective.
All hoses return the steam tank. If fills the tank by squeezing the handle a maximum a certain percentage of the fluid that enters in the tank becomes steam and again by the spout hose to the deposit station.
10 you have to fill the tank until the lower half.
While most fuel has the deposit, less air there is in it. The fuel evaporates faster than you think.
Large deposits cistern of the refineries have floating ceilings inside, keeping the air separated from the fuel, with the objective of maintaining the evaporation to a minimum.
11. do not have to fill the tank when I know are filling gas tanks or immediately after.
If one gets to the service station and a tanker that is filled the underground tanks of the same or just fill, it should avoid, if you can, use the station at that time.
When filling the tank, removed the remaining fuel in the same and the bottom sediments. So you run the risk of fueling dirty.
12. when using the system of air conditioning fuel consumption increases between 10% and 20%.
To reduce this consumption, should lower the windows of the vehicle to remove the hot air and close them before turning on the air conditioning.
13 should keep a record of expenses into gasoline to control consumption.
This also helps to detect irregularities in the performance of the vehicle, that may cause fuel consumption to increase up to 20%