How to make money online

Making money online can be achieved but you have to know the right way to do it and know to wait for the effort to give its fruits.

There are many ways of making money, it can be achieved through blogs, freelance work, answering surveys, etc. but so are essential sacrifice, time and patience.

How to make money online – BlogFarms or farm of Blogs:

They are Web pages that allow you to share the gains in advertising.

Differs from a common blog that shares profits with their editors that the BlogFarm can be several groups of blogs controlled by a single company or person, each blog focuses on different themes and editor or Blogger decides the theme, which is best suited to their expertise.

You have to differentiate between a network of Blogs of a BlogFarms.

Blogs network is made up of several blogs with different themes, which don’t usually share the profits, only shared the fact that visitors have a network where the visitor can easily change of subject by visiting any of the other blogs with different themes.

The BlogFarms are very strict with the content, only accepted 100% original content, and it can only be published in the categories or blogs that you choose to register the account.

How to make money online – Adsense account:

To create an Adsense account should be an already existing website which will be used for the Adsense account is validated previously. But often there are problems at the time of the validation of the account, it takes weeks and sometimes they deny activation due to the policy of Adsense in accordance with the type of websites that you want to register.

An easier way of getting the validation of the account would be to create a Blog in blogs Google ( system, when you create a blog within the system only have to create a simple theme (for example, “Welcome to my new Blog”).

Then, in the settings of the blog you have to choose one of the tabs above which says “Monetize”, follow the steps and assign the blog from Blogger as our site to approve the Adsense account, approval is almost instantaneous.

After you create and activate your account, you can create and place assumptions in any Web page that does not violate the standards of conduct of Adsense.

How to make money online – with my blog:

It can be removed them advantages to Blogs, whether they are personal opinion or issues such as technology, news, etc., getting extra monetary income.

If you get to highlight a blog with, at least 300 visits per day you can get up to 80 euros every one or two months, but you have to know how to monetize the Blog. Some ways to monetize our Blog are:

Using publicity as that of Adsense, where you pay for each click received, based on the daily eCMP and other variants, i.e., you can win from a penny per click €1, this is based on the eCMP and the theme of the blog, there are themes better paid than others.
Selling 125 x 125 banner space for periods of 30 or more days, this can mean profits from €2 to €100 per month, depending on the level of the blog visits.
Selling reviews, i.e., we get paid for writing about products or other Web pages. With this you can win from €1 to €100.

How to make money online – Web Designer:

There are many programs that help to design a website for free but are very basic and not have the potential right to create a website design professional, therefore, study how to handle programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver is very useful for starting a business for the creation of Web sites.

By designing a Web site for professional level that is basic charges, minimum, €70. These can be made in one day, so you could have a daily income of € 70, amounting to € 2,100 per month.

Learning graphic design you can create animations, custom Web sites for clients, with this you can earn more than € 300 for work.

The creation of professional websites is a very profitable business, even you can do from home, but the hardest thing is to get customers. However, once the first customers get it, other customers will come by itself so.