How to make money on YouTube in 8 steps

You’ve probably heard these stories of quite normal people who are earning money on Youtube. You are then said “He! Me too I can do! ‘. ” Earn thousands of euros is probably not realistic, but you can still start earning money quickly, especially if you have a large subscriber base. Follow this guide to learn how to take advantage of your videos and start earning money through advertising.
8 Steps:

1.Create and expand your YouTube channel. Your channel is your personal presence on YouTube. A Youtube Channel is attached to each YouTube account and a Youtube account is linked to each Google account. Create a YouTube account will give you access to other Google, such as Gmail or Drive products.
Create your account or use your existing account. Add keywords to help people find your chain. You can add keywords by navigating in the ‘Advanced Options’ section of your channel settings. Make sure that these tags are in connection with your content.
Your username can also make all the difference. If it is short, easy to remember and original people will remember you more easily. However, if you currently use an account, keep it. Constantly changing accounts will not help you.

2.Add content. Try download videos high quality and not too long. This will however depend on the kind of content you choose to submit. Also try to publish videos regularly.
Even if your content is not very good at the beginning, brace yourself. By training you will become better. Try to make each better than the last video. You will probably learn by practice.
Improve your content by using a better camera or trying to best software or editing techniques. Also try to improve the way you shoot things. Use a tripod, ask a friend to help you or improve the lighting. This will allow you to get a better quality finished product, which will allow you to develop your hearing.
By uploading videos regularly you’ll more likely to maintain a loyal following. People will take more readily if you add content on a regular basis, and manage to best meet your program.
Be sure to tag your videos with keywords that describe the content, as well as to prepare a mouth-watering description. This will attract users to your videos when they are doing research on YouTube.

3.Expand your audience. Develop a hearing is crucial to increase revenues that you can learn from YouTube. You need people to watch advertisements in order to earn money. There’s no secret to have more subscribers: create the best possible content and they will come to you.
Continue to download videos and try to hang people. Publish your videos on Facebook and Twitter. Share them with as many people as possible. Distribute them all over the Internet. To become a YouTube partner, it is essential to have a large number of subscribers.
Contact your public response to comments and by occasionally videos directly related to the questions and comments of subscribers. Get closer to your community will help this community grow.

4.Take advantage of your videos. In order to start earning money with your videos, you should be able to make them profitable. This means that you will need to allow YouTube to place advertisements in your videos. It also means that you need to make sure there is not subject to copyright material in your videos.
You can benefit from a video by clicking on the tab “Monetization” during the download of the video, and then by checking the box “Monetization of advertising”.
To take advantage of a video after it has been downloaded, open the Video Manager and click on the sign $ beside the video. Check the box “Monetization of advertising”.

5.Install AdSense. You can install AdSense for free on the internet site of AdSense. Click on the “Create an account” button. You need to be over 18 years to create your own account. If you are younger, you will need to ask an adult to help you.
You will need a Payoneer account or a bank account and a valid as well as various information email address so that AdSense can verify who you are and to send money. You will earn money when someone clicks on advertising and a smaller sum whenever a person watch advertising. That is why have a large audience is important.

6.Follow your statistics. Once you have some online videos, advertisements have been incorporated, and people watching, you need to monitor your statistics. Click the ‘Analytics’ option in the menu of your chain. You will then see an estimate of your income, the success of advertising, views of your videos of the demographics of your audience and more.
Use these tools to understand how your audience perceives your content. You could develop your content or your marketing if you discover that you’re not attracting the users you want to attract.

7.Share your videos on other platforms. Don’t just put your videos on YouTube! Start a blog, launch a website or publish them on other social networks. More videos will be viewed, most they will be profitable. By sharing the link or by submitting the video on other internet pages, you increase your chances to get out and earn money.

8.Become a YouTube partner. YouTube partners are the YouTube users whose videos are watched by many users. Partners have access to more content creation tools, and can win prizes depending on the number of views they get. The partners also have much better access to the YouTube team support and advice.
You can apply to become a YouTube partner whenever you want through the “Youtube Partner” page. To access the most interesting programs, you will need to have 15,000 hours of cumulative views on your channel over the past 90 days.