How to grow with less favorable winds and some financial recommendations

We are faced with a particularly changing environment. What today seems very clear, tomorrow can change. Before that, it is good to make investments not only that not you aten too, but they also allow you greater freedom of movement. A comparison would be the Swiss army knife. It is not only an instrument light and easy to carry, but it includes more various functions to adapt to many situations.
It is a time to invest in training

In an environment of uncertainty, rather than other investments such as the financial, real estate, or vehicles, the first that we must adapt ourselves. It is something that frequently happens in nature. Thus, animals when faced with changing conditions, for example, by changes in the stations, changing where they live, habits, feeding, etc. But also change themselves: they change their fur, get fat or slim, some even change color to match to different environments.

We ourselves are our first investment. And within the interests and skills of each one, we must learn to respond to changing circumstances. Training gives us the opportunity to know do more things, differently, face new challenges and changing environments. Such training can come from the most diverse sources such as formal training, informal training, courses, stays in certain places or experiences of the most different types.

There are different ways of financing of each option. Two very interesting routes are the tripartite Foundation shares and loans for training.
Values where can borrow

The debt is like a lever. In the same way that a lever enables, for example, move pesos with less effort, indebtedness can carry out most expensive investments having less money. Why one speaks of financial leverage to refer to the proportion of debt.

If the uncertainties and risks surrounding the Spanish economy is translating, whom I am very indebted can see how you are unable to return their debts.

The other extreme is the not borrowing for fear of the materialisation of those risks and uncertainties. Waste borrowing option is for companies losing profitability. For individuals not borrow for fear means giving up many projects that may be viable.

Everything has its point. If force does not move a lever can we can not move a weight, if we spend to employ force can we volquemos. What is resort to borrowing in a thoughtful way.
Plan how much and how will save

Now it is particularly necessary to save to some extent. Although it is especially difficult when little money, you win if the uncertainties materialize to save it is, among other things, a way to defend itself against the consequences of the crisis. Man for himself should raise up to where you must save. One way to do this is through the preahorro.

It is somewhat similar to what we do when we walk by places that know the distance which can lead us to travel, the difficulties and imbalances that we have to deal with. If we ignore the tour and only know that we will have to walk in a certain direction, it is normal that we can save forces for what we can find on the way, so no surprises in the way us desfonden. Perhaps at the end of the road we realize that it was easier than we thought, but we must save more.

Part of the road is uncertain, but if negative situations as positive might want to save (without going over) more than usual. If the risks and uncertainties do not materialize, the money saved can help to finance projects in an environment favourable to opportunities like that House or that car that I would like to buy, this business initiative that you would like to start…

If the risks and uncertainties materialize, that money saved can help respond to the challenges that will come.
Keep an eye on their investment periods

If you had to move to live elsewhere for a period of one week, it would take the same decisions that if had to travel for 4 months? And if I had thought to live many years in that place?
Surely decisions would be different depending on deadlines.

Perhaps, in short time you choose, for example, a hotel or an Inn. In intermediate timelines probably many decide by a rental housing. In periods some will choose for renting, while others would think in a House on property.