How to earn money with youtube and how to avoid the blocking of your videos.

Make money with Youtube has become a more popular method on the internet, all the blogs and sites almost put already tutorials how to make money with Youtube and of the blah blah… but and with ease to win with Youtube there are many of you does not earn any penny is because they they do not have many views or well Youtube block your channels and your videos because of copyright.

So today we’ll talk the correct method to win or take advantage of Youtube and reach hundreds of dollars per month, and we’ll talk about how regulations to Youtube to avoid any kind of problems.

Among the most popular and serious mistakes to avoid them when you do a Youtube channel and you start to flood of videos and you think you’ll earn more with the large amount of videos uploader.

But in reality it not cause you or the closing of your channel either blocking of your videos. and there is also an another challenge as change the color of video or video duration to fool Youtube but finally you get banned then avoid all that.

How to earn money with youtube?

To start must have a youtube channel, then create an account (easy method). After account creation enable the monetization in your youtube account by going to Now click on “View Monetization Settings” and then click “enable Monetization.” Finally youtube is going to ask you to connect your youtube with google adsense account follow the steps in implementing an adsense account and all is finished.

After the creation and activation of monetization in your account going to something else:

Create a channel on YouTube which specializes in a particular field, for example: the comedy, the fight, news, politics, bodybuilding etc… in this way you will make characterized you and you’ll have more views and subscribers over time.
After the creation of a channel specialized in a specific area, upload your own videos (create by yourself) and avoid especially cheat methods (upload one video of another by changing the time or much else…).

If you cannot create your own videos then I propose this Video site that offers videos without the right of the author c – ad you can upload on Youtube and enjoy these videos with no problem.
No upload no more than 3 videos daily.
After uploaded the videos focus on the descriptions and keywords is very important for example if you upload a video comedy essay to place the words in the description: Comedy, funny video, laugh, funny video etc…, do same thing for tags.

Now we go for the tips and I will summarize them in 4-point, don’t ever forget them:

do not put more than 5 keywords in the tags.
don’t use no vulgar or obscene in the titles as words: Slaughter etc. because if you use these keywords you will be banned surely.
share the maximum possible your videos on Fb groups and try not to cheat customers with fake name otherwise you are not going to win these trusts.
Finally do a design (photo, coverage etc…) for your channel in the same selected themes, and especially not let go the matter quickly because you are not going to win of the first days…

Finally I hope that this article you please. If you have questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment or leave us a message on our facebook area-computer page and don’t forget to share the article with your friends.