How to earn money with a blog

In this article we will see all the important elements that must be meet and meet in order to really make money with a blog.
1 – Create a blog
Well start his blog is essential if we want to avoid losing too much time later… in this area a false start can cost us many hours of work. So, to begin with, let’s see together good practices for good start his blog.
There are a multitude of sites and software that allow us to very easily create a blog with a few clicks and at very low prices see same for free.
Personally I do not recommend you to choose a tool that allows you to create a blog for free, generally it always hides surprises.

The best solution to create his blog – and enjoy excellent flexibility at lower cost – is to use the WordPress cms. Almost all bloggers will tell you, given that WordPress turns 24% of the web to him alone, it’s just huge and it is not his success to chance, far away.

To install a WordPress blog need you hosting on a server, for example, you can rent one (with WordPress already installed on it) on the 1and1 site. Of course, do this at a cost from €0.99 the first year with the offer that there is currently, with a domain ( offered the first 12 months. Then it goes to a few euros per month.

Compared to the money that can be won with a blog, this price is rather free… but be careful however to not kid yourself, earn money with a blog is often easier said than done. If we take well we eventually get there, more or less quickly, but some will never, especially those who want to burn the steps and go too fast.
Choose the topic, the title and the address of his blog

Domain name, address in other terms, a blog is a very important element, and in general the title of a blog takes (s) Word (s) written in the address.

The title of your blog can be completely abstract, this is for example the case for this blog, Asthune, or instead the title of your blog and its address may contain what we call a “keyword”, which can greatly assist in position in Google search results and thus get more visitors. But beware, do not abuse the techniques of this kind of tricks to improve its SEO, otherwise Google sees red.

So if you want to position yourself correctly on the search: “how to learn English”, avoid choosing the domain name “”, on the one hand it is not easy to remember for visitors and more Google hates this kind of practice. Instead you can choose a more soft as address for example: “English –”. But this is just one example among many others.

As you have understood, before selecting the title and the address of his blog you should already know what will be his (its) topic (s).

It is preferable to choose a topic that you know well, or that you want to discover.

A good trick to find the subject of his blog is to ask the question: “What has been my biggest difficulty in life?”, and then say: “How do I overcame this difficulty?”.

Because if you have encountered a problem in life, and you’ve managed to solve it, you can be sure that (s) medium (s) you used can be of interest to many people who encounter the same problem as you.
2 – Develop his blog focusing on the essentials

Once your blog is created it will be necessary to develop it… the creation takes a few clicks while, is very easy, however development blog is another pair of handle, it will require time to learn blogging to write the articles, develop your audience, work design and ergonomics, etc…

But beware, a blog does not grow no matter how. Many bloggers earn money by what they want to move too fast, they want to burn the steps and in the end they get mediocre results. Do not try to find miracle solutions to become rich from one day to the next as some ebooks promise us. Need to reflect and focus on the essentials, you can see the blogging as a strategy game.

Many bloggers overlook the design step, saying that only the content is important… it is wrong. The design of a blog to its importance. And we must especially take into account ergonomics when installing a design on his blog, visitors should be able to navigate from page to page without difficulty.

Must also design to be “responsive” in other Word: it can adapt to the size of the screens. For some time Google takes this test seriously in the rankings of the sites in its search results, and to reason because the mobile web takes more and more scale.
The design of a blog should not necessarily be colorful or on the contrary very sober, filled with many features or on the contrary very little, etc… It must just be pleasant to the reader, and visitors must see that you give a modicum of interest in the appearance of your blog.
Create quality and relevant content

In drafting of quality articles on your blog, you will gradually build a certain value around it, a hearing and some authority.

To write articles that give visitors the desire to read, you should try to solve problems. For example me on one of my blogs I write illustrated tutorials that guide readers step-by-step to resolve various technical problems they encounter with their blog, and these articles meet success fairly easily, they are very commented as they are of real benefit to visitors.

More by writing articles on a regular basis – and quality – you will gradually develop the SEO of your blog.

It means that your blog will be found more often in Google by Internet users and your traffic will increase naturally.
The basis for a good SEO rules

Here is what we call “organic traffic” from one of my blogs:

Above you can see the natural traffic, i.e. visitors who come only from Google, from one of my blogs (

This source of traffic increases slowly as you can see. Because SEO is something long to grow, it must somehow win the trust of Google.

Of course there are techniques to go more quickly, the small filouteries, but in most cases they do not work, because Google hates it manipulates its indexing algorithm… and it can even produce the opposite effect, and in this case we find ourselves with a blog penalized by Google and not found in its search engine.

Here are some criteria to improve the SEO of a blog:

Publish full articles, take the time to write and good formatting articles using updates in the form of the text, for example the bold and italic, to highlight some important words for example. We must also use illustrations when possible. These small tricks allow us to show Google that it is careful to write our articles.
Choosing its key words. Normally, you do it almost naturally when one writes an article. Key words you choose to use for the title of the article, the description, the text, etc… must match the words that would be likely to be typed by the user in the search engines such as Google.
Fill the meta tags description and title, articles and all pages that contains a blog. The meta-description tag allows you to provide a summary of our article which will then be visible in search results, it is recommended that this description should contain key words. The title tag is very important also, it must contain key words while trying to convince the user to visit our blog, it must stand out the lot with a catchy title.
Well put his titles. An article should start with a headline in “H1” (html markup that defines the title as a priority), and then is then cut in H2, H3, H4, etc… There must be only one H1 per page on a blog, but can be quite used several H2.
Treat the user experience. Hence, others, the importance of having a pretty well organized design. The design of your blog needs to adapt to different media may be used by visitors (Tablet, laptop, office computer), should not be abusing the advertisements, it must ensure that the loading time is not too long, etc… In short, must be the visitors than the easy possible to our blog.
The external links. Links to other web sites that link to your blog have relatively strong importance to amelirer natural referencing it. But beware, when it was links in masses is gone, now Google hates this kind of practice and likely to penalize blogs that abuse. He must try to get quality links, in articles for example. Choose the quality rather than the quantity.
A presence on social networks. On what social networks is the public that you are trying to reach with your blog? This issue is very important. Once you have found the answer to this question, be sure to maintain some presence on the social networks concerned. Shares of your blogs on social media can have great importance for your SEO.

For those who use WordPress for their blog, something I highly recommend (see at the beginning of the article), it is advisable to install the “Yoast SEO” plugin, it will allow you to improve your SEO, once downloaded and installed, do not hesitate to perform some research on Google to know exactly what it is and the various features that it offers.

The algorithm Google uses over 200 criteria for the classification of sites in its search results, it cannot not all respect them perfectly, it is impossible. Nevertheless we must try to adhere to a maximum, and do this to keep a word in mind: quality. A quality blog is a blog relevant and nice to visit, and Google loves it.
Develop his blog traffic

As seen previously, you can use SEO to get traffic on his blog… but there not that this solution.

You can also get traffic on the part of other sites that have a link to our blog, writing for example invited articles or coping so they cite our blog to their audience. Of more links that bring traffic are generally good links for SEO.

You can also draw a lot of traffic on the part of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to cite them. Here too, just as SEO, increase its visibility on social networks is a long-term task. Can be a huge benefit from traditional social networks sharing viral content, i.e. content that will be shared by many people.

If you have created your blog with WordPress, there is a plugin that would encourage your readers to share your article, this plugin is: Social Locker. A plugin that costs $ 25 and which allows to hide a part of your articles, a paragraph for example, and this content remains hidden to the eyes of the reader as long as it does not share the article. If you hide important information and very relevant, you can expect to have many shares on the social networks of your reader.
Make sure not to lose all the readers of his blog

When blogger found a major problem: the unique visits. Most visitors who come to your blog will not return read ever you, they came, they saw… and they are gone.

And it’s a shame, because in a sense it is as if all the work it had done to attract these visitors was no.

Rectify that to implement a newsletter on his blog to try to obtain a maximum of subscribers to be able to contact them at any time. But do not simply install a newsletter, it must also be clearly visible, so do not hesitate to make tests or even put multiple forms of registrations on your blog.

To improve the rate of conversion to their newsletter, many bloggers implement a sort of “bait”, they offer Internet users receive an ebook in PDF format for example if they register for the newsletter. In general it is rather effective in this way some bloggers are able to convince up to 15% of their visitors to register for their newsletter.

You can also keep some contact with the reader so that it subscribes to one of the pages of our blog on social networks, and the principle remains the same: give maximum visibility to links/buttons that lead to the relevant pages.
3 – Solutions for making money with blog

Now that it has been a quick tour of the bases to know to create and develop a blog worthy of the name, we will be able to enter the heart of the matter and address the monetization.
Google Adsense to display banners for advertising on his blog. These banners allow us to earn money each time a user click on it.

The advantage of Google Adsense is that it displays advertisements either in relation to the content of our page (based on key words) or cookies accumulated in the users browser-based (I imagine that you happened to visit an online store, then later you see advertisements for this same online store by visiting another site?).

Google Adsense to display advertising targeted, which is therefore likely to attract the attention of Internet users.

The amount of money that is earned when a player click on one of our banner ads Adsense depends on the nature of advertising and the number of advertisers who are “fighting” coup bids to display their pub in these banners. For example, if you manage to place an article in your blog at the top of a very competitive query into Google, it is quite possible that your present adsense banners in this article relate you a lot of money… Provided that it is watched.

To win a maximum of money with Google Adsense, need to pay close attention to the placement of advertising banners. Need to highlight. It is necessary not only to ensure that your visitors see your banners… No, we must do as they did look.

To ensure that our Adsense banners are the most visible possible it must choose its locations. Here are a few sites that are generally quite effective:
In the header of the blog, or between the header and the blogs.
Everything at the top of the sidebar.
Within the articles.

Of course, we must make multiple tests before finding the correct locations.

Should also use large formats, 3 to the maximum normally, but some bloggers put up to 4 or 5, it must be read the rules of Google to know what one has the right to do and what is forbidden, because rules can vary from one site to the other.

In general, the most effective advertising formats are (in pixels): 790 x 90, 300 x 250 and 300 x 600. But the best currently is the format that adapts to the size of the screens, which is highly variable, but if we have some knowledge of CSS you can give it the size you want.

Of course there’s no ideal size for advertising formats, it depends on each blog.
Make money with her blog through affiliation

The affiliation is to recommend products or services offered on other sites. And when one of our visitors click on our affiliate link and registers or buys something that has been recommended to be won a commission.

Membership is suitable for almost all types of blog, there are dozens, see hundreds of thousands of affiliations programs in all languages, all countries and for all tastes.

Personally, at the time I write these few lines, I earn no less than 400 euros per month just with membership. Me, for Asthune and for my other blog, I use platforms of affiliation as Daisycon, TradeTracker and TradeDoubler to mention that they.

But of course I use these platforms because they propose to advertise for products/services that suit me. But to earn money with your blog maybe you need to go through another platform such as: Amazon partners, Zanox, Publicidees,, etc…

If you do not find your happiness among the hundreds of platforms of affiliations that exist (or that you want to add strings to your bow) you can also consult sites that address the same theme, or a close subject of your blog. Because many sites offer their own affiliate program (or sponsorship system, which is the same) without having to use intermediaries.
The best solution is to use affiliate links, and promote these same links directly within the articles. Somehow, it must transform advertising information. This is what I do personally. Of course I use also some banners… but they are more used to decorate than anything else.
Sell a product or service

A blog is a good spot to promote a product or service. For example, many professional bloggers earn money through the sale of ebook formations, or by selling writing/translation services, or even by selling a subscription to gain access to a member’s area… the possibilities are numerous.

With a blog can position itself as an expert over time – as a real connoisseur of the topic addressing – which allows you to gain credibility little by little, and so sales are increasingly easy to realize, so more and more numerous.

But many bloggers do not really use their blog to make sales, they primarily use e-mail marketing.
Use e-mail marketing to earn more

To greatly facilitate the sale of a product or service, many bloggers are turning to email marketing. Their main objective is to “capture” a maximum of address emails with their blog, often offering a free ebook to visitors in Exchange for their subscription to the newsletter and using an auto-responder as SG-autoresponder, or Aweber, or MalChimp, to mention only the most fequents.

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool because it allows us to get directly in contact – and keep – with the readers of our blog. It also allows to have more data to analyze, can for example be surveys its mailing list to know to benefit the objectives/expectations of subscribers, we can analyze the rate of opening of mail, the rate of clicks on links, etc…

Once it has established its mailing list, can sell much more easily. One can for example start by sending of information emails to capture the attention of subscribers gradually give free content, then then we can offer a product with why not paying a discount on the price.

Earn money with a blog may seem easy at first, there are hundreds of solutions to monetize a blog, mainly cut into two parts: the sale and the pub.

But in reality it is much more difficult than it seems, to earn money with a blog it is not enough to install some advertising banners. No… He must be content, visitors, a strategy, tools, etc… and above all, it takes time, lots of time. With my first blog, Asthune, that you have under the eyes now, it had taken me over 10 months before start earning monthly income of EUR 100. Today I am developing my blogs more quickly because I understood what elements are essential and which are not.

The monetization of a blog in itself is not at all a problem, it takes just time, time to make tests or create a product for example, it is not difficult. However, what is more difficult is to produce regularly of the content and to attract still more visitors, and once we arrived there we begin to earn money.