How to earn money with a 3D printer

Invest in a 3D printer can be a good solution to make money and that is what we will see in this article…

This article idea came to me looking at the television… do you know that in China, houses are printed? In truth this is not new, first impressions of House started in 2014, at the time a dozen small houses were actually printed in less than 24 hours.

Now there are even companies who make their butter using 3D printers to print 3D printers. And it has air rather well walk for them, like what the simplest ideas are sometimes the best.

And these are only two examples of thousands of opportunities… Obviously, when I speak of “winning money with a 3D printer” I don’t think a printing houses in the middle of his living room… or complicated objects to achieve.

But one can quite imagine earning money with a 3D printer in producing simple objects and selling them on the internet.

Moreover, no need to imagine because it is already a practice already very common, can for example easily seen on sites like Etsy who is specialized in the sale of home-made objects by individuals, just look for a bit and found a whole bunch of printed objects.

There are of course many other merchant sites on which you can sell printed objects, you can also create its own online store, nowadays it is quite simple to do.

I think that’s an interesting idea, even for a simple income supplement. In my opinion it offers many advantages, already there are necessarily some freedom to the level of the stocks because we can create objects on demand, and also at the level of the margins that can be made on each sale.

Really succeed in really stand, to create really useful objects. Objects not necessarily needed, but at least useful.

However it requires a certain investment in terms of money, a 3D for the home printer costs at least 500 euros (you can see one here) and this price currently is the low end, it’s really in the first price, refills cost between 15 and 35 euros, and if we want a software 3D design performance with the license that goes with and here it costs about one arm see even two.

You can also add the investment in terms of time, despite the fact that we can download directly 3D models on the internet, learn how to create oneself its own models is certainly more interesting and allows to obtain more freedom. Then anyway to enrich his knowledge is always a good thing, especially to make money.

Otherwise you can also be the person who sells the pile instead of being that will look for gold. In the sense where if we control design of three-dimensional models software you can easily monetize this knowledge make (course, blogging, eBooks, etc.), especially the demand will increase as soon 3D printers will certainly party everyday.

This is so it was just a short article to share with you this idea to earn money, personally I am seriously considering to invest in a 3D printer when I would have the means.

Overall, I think that investing in the latest technology is a good thing if it seeks solutions to supplement its month. If you look well, quite high-tech objects can be used for profit.