10 Ways to make money on the internet

10 Ways to make money on the internet

1) Working as a Freelancer

You’re a service provider. There is a demand make money on the internet as a freelancer for the craziest services you’ve ever seen-even for those who haven’t seen and don’t even know it exists. If you can draw, has a pretty voice to do some voice overs, know diagram books, make layouts, writing fiction or academic articles, you should know that there are many people on the internet trying to hire you for a series of tasks. Want to find out how to make money working from home as a Freelancer? We explain how this market works here. Article you can find by clicking on the image. This is a faster alternative to start making some money on the internet, as it is not as complex as creating a business own-just the creation of profiles on some sites, familiarize yourself with them and begin to provide services.

2) set up a virtual store

How to make money at home with a virtual  store become a merchant. You will sell or resell products. You don’t necessarily need to produce anything or even assemble a stock of something to sell it on the internet. Several tools – many of them free – allow you to have access to products from anywhere in the world and set up a page to serve customers. If you’ve arrived here because you want to know how to make money at home by assembling your own web shop, you came to the right place. We have an article focused on that subject, too. This path is usually easier with some investment because you can invest in paid tools that facilitate a series of tasks in setting up your online store. If you have business acumen and likes to sell, be sure to read our article on the subject.

3) set up a blog/website content

In this way you become a virtual editor – creates content, make money on the internet with blog people around that product that provides free – and, from that public, begins to make your blog render money. No matter what type of your hearing or the niche of your blog – will always be a way to turn a site with a reasonable profit target audience, by means of contextual advertising systems like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing campaigns, ads treated directly with agencies or any other form. The way to transform a good blog into something profitable. Click on the following link if you find out how to make money with blog, has valuable information for you. And let me tell you something: If you have something to say and an interesting point of view, the internet will always have space for your blog grow. There are niche markets more laborious than others, that’s a fact. But nothing that is impossible to fit one more blog to be interesting, creative and fun.

4) writer

How to make money  with the tools available on the internet for dissemination of any type of digital product, write ebooks can be a lucrative business. You can, for example, write an ebook and publish on Amazon. You make your material to a store that has millions of clients and they pay up to 70% of royalties by electronic transfer directly to your account. You can write a guide on how to grow, or a thriller set in the years 50. Not only that, you can write product reviews, technical texts, stories, articles, advertising texts and what else you know or like. There is demand for all this on the internet, especially for those who speak English. Read more here.

5) Be programmer (of anything)

If you know programming – especially of systems and how to make money with program languages like CSS, HTML5, iOS, Apps for Android, tablets, and mobile platforms – you can work at home for the rest of your life from now on. The demand for professionals in this area is huge and usually pay very well. The fluent English here increases pretty much job opportunities, but the basic English has also makes a huge difference. A great option for those who have more technical profile. You can check out this article here to find some sites with various job offers for modern languages such as those cited here. If you are a programmer more classic-C, C++-or simply a curious you have ease in subject, direct your knowledge to those most modern programming languages can be a great move on your online career.

6) Crafting projects (of the most crazy!)

Online projects a concept on the internet called Crowd Funding. Literally means sponsorship of the crowd, but in practice is a way to dilute the investment of a project for a large mass of people receiving rewards in Exchange for the donation. That is, it is a way to make others pay for you to realize your ideas. If you think that sounds crazy to know that there are projects that raised more than 10 million dollars in a month. Here in Brazil we have a good representative of this practice, Catharsis – that help get money for more daring and captivating projects to the general public. There are projects for the production of musical albums, documentaries, comic books and everything you imagine. Never in history was so easy to turn an idea into reality and try to live that dream.

7) set up sites for other people

Mount professional websites, work for a job online disclosure that are elegant and easy to handle by the client. There are several tools that make this job today and any layperson interested by the subject, can quickly turn into a web developer creating pages for your customers. You need a reseller hosting service – very well offered here in Brazil by HostGator – so that you can offer including the server and domain for free to your customer.

8) produce content

Content you can be paid to manage a facebook page, creating relevant content to fans, seeking a greater engagement with the audience. You can write texts, create pictures or illustrations, share videos, anyway, it producing a variety of content. Nowadays, a skill that has been very well paid is the development of infographics. This is a type of content that spreads faster on the internet, receiving the fruits of the effect of viral dissemination.

9) Buy and follow a method

How to make money with blog way that works for many is to buy an online method that will dictate to you, step by step, how to put a website on the internet, be able to visit and turn that traffic into profit. Of course, each of these courses will bring a way to monetize your blog with google ads, boobox, affiliates, dropshipping, etc. .. The advantage of these methods is that the learning curve decreases and, even in lower quality products I’ve ever seen, the layman to follow to the letter the proposed ends up learning something. Worth it for those who want to invest a little money to facilitate and accelerate the process of making money on the internet.

10) Bring your business to the internet

Sell on internet you are a solo entrepreneur, micro micro entrepreneur, self-employed in any area or trader knows that you are losing great opportunities if you haven’t brought your business to the internet. Engage in this project – be it with time, money, or both-is a very small investment that brings return quickly. And the best: the disclosure on the internet is accurate, is made in real time, with a wealth of data and a flexibility. that no other media has. You can invest 100 reals, can invest 5000 real, anytime you want, paying with a credit card. Is very easily and believe me: you have thousands of potential customers browsing the internet on your side, every day.